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Welcome to Ezfunds Securities Investment Consulting Enterprise Ltd.

  • About Us

    Ezfunds is leading online fund trading platform in Taiwan, which held by Chailease Group, specializing in offshore mutual fund distribution and investment consulting. We have more than 40 extraordinary employees in variety of professional perspectives, with headquarter in Taipei, and branch in Kaohsiung.

    ★Master Agent Business

    Ezfunds has introduced the following asset management companies to Taiwan, with our exclusive teamwork.

    1. Janus Capital Group, 2002-2006
    2. Skandia Investment Group (currently known as Old Mutual Global Investors), 2005-2012
    3. Eurizon Capital SA, 2007-2013
    4. Vontobel Funds, 2009-2015
    5. Lion Global Funds, 2012-2018
    6. Capital Group, 2019-Now
    ★Discretionary Investment Business (2018-Now)

    ★Robo Advisor Business (2019-Now)
  • What We Do

    With major focus on offshore and onshore mutual funds, Ezfunds has the practical knowledge and fully committed to tailor different strategies to help investors move towards their investment goals with the suitable portfolios and advices.
    Moreover, many foreign asset management companies have selected Ezfunds as a first priority to entry Taiwan market, because we have more than 17 years experience in fund distribution. In addition, we have experienced in branding variety funds with extensive networks in different industries especially media and financing. Ezfunds has collaborated with other financial institutions to successfully generate inflows from diverse channels such as banks, insurance companies, private equity companies, and other institutions.

  • Contact Us

    It is our pleasure to respond to any questions or concerns you have. Simply send your request to the following contact.
    Email: care@ezfunds.com.tw

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